Thinking Ahead for Age-friendly Bathrooms

Universal design features in the bathroom should be on the radar of everyone over age 50, even if they don’t need them today. After all, it’s easier to install such aging-in-place features – like grab bars and a built-in seat – when you’re renovating than to install them later and when you’re possibly doing it […]

For Seniors, There’s No Place Like Home

To seniors, their homes are significant both financially and emotionally. “… home is more than just a place they live. It represents their journey, their accomplishments, their family, and the life they have created,” says the American Advisors Group’s ( “Importance of Home Survey.”  In addition, older Americans feel safe at home and value their […]

People on the Move Could Mean 3.5 million in New-Home Demand

The America at Home Study ( and the home that was built based on its findings give you a look at how the pandemic has changed people’s perceptions of home and what they want in their future homes. These include adaptable space, home offices, better technology, and energy efficiency. But beyond homeowners’ wish lists, the research […]

Home Upgrades Can Help Homes Sell Nearly 40% Faster than Those Without Improvements

Once your clients have decided to sell and move, it’s best for them and you that the home sells quickly. Your clients may be interested in an analysis by Knock ( about what makes homes sell faster. For example, homes in which homeowners have done upgrades sell 30% faster than those that don’t. Plus, a […]

Cities Help Seniors Age in Place

Few cities are prepared to accommodate the needs of an aging population, says Age-Forward Cities for 2030, a report by the Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging, a Santa Monica, Calif., think tank. Many cities lack the housing, design, service, economic opportunity, transit and amenities to address seniors’ needs. That’s despite the fact […]

Relocation 101: The First Steps

For most people, any move is a significant source of stress and interrupts the normal flow of their life. As we get older, these stresses increase and moving to a new home becomes more involved. We must dig up deep roots, which is both emotionally and physically difficult. Often, seniors know that moving is the […]