Relocation 101: The First Steps

Relocation 101: The First Steps

For most people, any move is a significant source of stress and interrupts the normal flow of their life. As we get older, these stresses increase and moving to a new home becomes more involved. We must dig up deep roots, which is both emotionally and physically difficult. Often, seniors know that moving is the right idea, but don’t know the right way to start. If your family is preparing for senior relocation, the first step is to begin by preparing your Philadelphia home for sale.

Three Essential Steps to Prepare Your Home

Senior relocation isn’t something that happens overnight. The process generally takes months, even years before it’s completed. To successfully make the transition, you must break it into smaller, more manageable parts. Here are three high-value ways that you can prepare your family’s home for sale without adding new challenges:

    • Before putting your home on the market, learn what you can expect as good market value for the property. There are unscrupulous buyers who seek to take advantage of seniors. Such potential buyers will often make an offer at significantly below market value in the hopes that the seller doesn’t know any better. Speak with our real estate experts to get an honest assessment of how much money you should get for your home.
    • Consider a value-oriented upgrade. Two of the most value-impactful areas in your home are the kitchen and bathroom. A new range and countertops can add much more value to your home’s sale price than they cost to install. Similarly, you can hire contractors to replace an old vanity to give your bathroom an updated look, especially if your family has lived in the home for decades.
    • De-clutter your home to make it easier to clean and stage your home for when it’s on the market. Host a yard sale or give small appliances away to family or friends who need them. Hold onto paintings and attractive furniture, however, because those items can improve your home’s value on the market when arranged by someone experienced in home staging.


There’s much more to the process of selling a home, but these three steps are the ideal starting point. They will make it easier to sell your home for more money tomorrow while making the home easier to live in today.

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