Thinking Ahead for Age-friendly Bathrooms

Thinking Ahead for Age-friendly Bathrooms

Universal design features in the bathroom should be on the radar of everyone over age 50, even if they don’t need them today.

After all, it’s easier to install such aging-in-place features – like grab bars and a built-in seat – when you’re renovating than to install them later and when you’re possibly doing it during a health crisis.

When homeowners ask for advice about bathroom upgrades, point them to the 2021 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study (–US–Houzz–Bathroom–Trends–Study.pdf) to give them a sense of what’s trending.

Homeowners are prioritizing the current (27%) and future (39%) needs of aging household members, and more than half (54%) of homeowners in the Houzz survey said that a bathroom renovation is addressing a household member’s unique needs. Forty-eight percent anticipate special needs to arise within the next five years.


We help our clients plan their bathroom remodel by sharing aging-in-place checklists.

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