Boost Home Safety, Age at Home

Boost Home Safety, Age at Home

A recent National Institute on Ageing (NIA) report, “Ageing in the Right Place: Supporting Older Canadians to Live Where They Want,” outlined how to help Canadians age where they want and stay out of institutional settings.

One of its key points concerns boosting home safety, something you can do right away on your own.

Tapping materials produced for November’s Fall Prevention Month is one starting point.

For example, look at the link to the home self-assessment tool.

It walks you through your house room-by-room, helping you identify dangers in each space and outlining how to address each problem.

Solutions may entail adding grab bars in the shower, installing lights on motion detectors outside, rearranging furniture, or reversing the direction of a door swing.

The Fall Prevention Month website also offers resources on healthy eating, staying strong, choosing the best footwear, and improving gait and balance. Visit for more information.

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